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You may even get to taste a rare or allocated bourbon (or two).

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At 86 proof, Lexington Bourbon combines the highest quality select grains of rye, malted barley and corn with purified water.These are the best bourbons you can actually buy and find at your local liquor store.Using a 100-point scale, we bring you ratings and tasting impressions on thousands of whiskies from across the whisky world.

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Each bourbon is carefully paired with a dish that highlights the complexity of flavors from our choice bourbons.Dinner and guided bourbon tasting with Harlen Wheatley, Master Distiller at Buffalo Trace.

Take home two complimentary cigars and two rock glasses to enjoy at home after your stay at Omni Louisville Hotel.

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(photo of Nth Degree Distilling CEO Mollie Lewis from the Courier-Journal.) The Courier-Journal is reporting that a new distillery based in Newport, Kentucky will be added to the Bourbon Trail next year when construction is complete.

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Also, if we had done a more structured bourbon tasting, people who arrived later would have missed out. 2. By cooking some dishes the night before and only picking recipes that could be cooked at the same temperature, I saved myself a lot of stress on figuring out timing.

They are typically small, allowing you to fit one measure in.Only Four Roses handcrafts 10 distinct and extraordinary Bourbon recipes then mingles them by hand to create our family of award-winning brands.

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The weekend before we celebrated the independence of our nation the Malt Nuts ditched the malt and adopted a corn focused mentality.

The design of the bottle should to remember on the Taipei 101.Like many products that come in a nearly endless range of variety, it is often easier to learn what you like and dislike by.If you purchased the Bourbon Ticket, you will get a special wristband with (10) tabs on it when you enter the gate.

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Tickets may have been snapped up inside just 4 minutes so we are already looking forward to our next date with the wonderful Matt Jones on August 8 th (Tickets released July 11 th at 4pm).The Glencairn Whisky Glass is a revolutionary whisky glass that really lets one savor the taste and complexity of fine whisky.You also get a pretty cool souvenir tasting glass to use for both your Bourbon or Brew tastings.

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They are wide in the middle, narrowing at the top, which allows air to get to the liquid, releasing the aromas then concentrating them at the top of the glass.Begin your evening by sampling the finest Kentucky Bourbons from several distilleries and brands, with a chance to meet Master Distillers and Ambassadors and nibble on genuine Kentucky cuisine.

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Whether you and your party guests are avid Bourbon drinkers or novices in the whiskey world, a bourbon themed party is guaranteed fun.

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Lead by an expert you will be guided through 6 different Scottish whiskies.

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How to taste Kentucky Bourbon Whether you are evaluating a new product for the first time or hosting a tasting with friends, there are a few techniques that will help you fully appreciate all the complexities of Kentucky Bourbon.The first of our three complimentary Bourbon tastings is just over one week away.Aroma: Spicy with sweet fruit, fresh oak and delicate corn notes underscored by a layer of caramel and vanilla.

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Complimentary tasting is valid between July 26th to August 9, 2017.Tasting Categories: Low proof Bourbon (80-85 proof), wheated Bourbon, rye whiskey, small batch, single barrel or barrel strength.

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Whiskey is known to be a spirit of many different reputations.

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